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Fixed Fee Legal Docs

Get one of our consultants to prepare your legal document within 2 hours at a fixed cost. No hard sell on subscriptions, just the legal document you need with cost certainty.

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and 2 hours

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and 2 weeks

What is free and what is paid?

You only pay if you want Query Law to prepare a document for you. You can download many legal documents in Word format for free without paying.

What does Query Law do?

Query Law creates a fully customised legal doc for you. The only thing you need to do is speak to a consultant to tell them about your situation.

How is this low cost possible?

Query Law creates legal documents at 10x the speed with software implemented computational contract creation that Query Law invented.

Get free legal advice on which document you should use

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Get free advice on legal workflows for your business

Consulting Agreement

Contractor Agreement

Digital Marketing Agreement

E-Commerce Website Terms

Hosting Agreement

Intellectual Property Assignment Deed

Mobile App Terms

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

One Way Non-Disclosure Agreement

Referral Agreement

SaaS Agreement


Service Level Agreement

Software Development Agreement

Software Licence

Support and Maintenance Agreement

Technology Services Agreement

Website Terms

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Customisation in real time

Work with your Query Law in real time

Real Time Docs is when a legal consultant and client share a Treescribe template document and work through it together online. This allows you to create a highly customised document, which is signed off quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

No installation, just a web browser

The work is usually complete within 45 minutes at 10% of the usual cost. All you need to take this up is a web browser and a telephone. You don't need to install anything. Query Law will provide you with a complete, signed off document.

Why it works

Why haven't lawyers always created contracts during their client meetings if it works so well?

The reason is that it's not possible for a lawyer to touch type good legal text, letter by letter, during a meeting. Drafting legal text the traditional way takes a lot of time and concentration.

That's the problem that Query Law's software (known as "Treescribe") solves.

When Query Law drafts computationally using Treescribe they can create high quality legal text at superhuman speed.

Further, when we're creating a document with a client watching, we can check that the text we are drafting suits the transaction, and make any changes required on the spot.

This process cuts out days of back-and-forth with emails and teleconferences and gives Query Law the unique ability to offer bespoke legal drafting by highly qualified lawyers at a fraction of the usual cost and time.

how it works

What our clients say

We’re a software development agency, in business for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve worked with a number of lawyers, from fancy-big to small. They often failed to understand my business, and kept on giving me cookie cutter contracts and advice that really got in the way rather than solved problems. Query Law has been brilliant - helping me understand and anticipate risks, what my options are, and helping me plan out options. I wish we’d started using them earlier.


Query Law came highly recommended and I’ve experienced first-hand why their reputation precedes them. Patrick, Henry and the team are seasoned experts with a really sharp eye for commercial and operational detail. They are incredibly personable and talk in simple terms, making the process enjoyable as opposed to a chore. This, coupled with their drive to disrupt and innovate the arduous admin involved, spoke directly to us at The Gamifier Group as retail innovation and tech specialists. As a result, Query Law is our preferred partner for all legal matters.

ELVIN ELDIC, Managing Director

As an insurance broker, I often need to work with lawyers to make sure that my client’s risks are taken care of thoroughly. My clients and I have worked with Query Law for years and have a great working relationship with them. We’ve always found Query Law to be exceptionally responsive, pragmatic, and diligent. If I run into a difficult question (particularly in relation to technology law issues), I trust Query Law to handle it and know they’ve got me covered.


VMORE provides virtual support services and systems integrations to healthcare organisations, and needs lawyers who have a detailed understanding of the laws around sensitive medical information and technology services. Query Law has been outstanding to work with. Our service is nuanced and I have been impressed by their understanding of the complexities of my business. The team has been providing me with comprehensive and commercially practical advice, and now my contracts are well considered, relevant and easy to understand. Query Law has made mind bending legals a lot easier to manage and it really helps that they are approachable and easy to talk to.


Not sure what you need exactly?

Easy. Just book a free half hour consult and we’ll point you in the right direction.