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Real Time Docs at Query Law

Highly customised contracts, with a review and sign-off from a lawyer, within one hour, for A$99

Query Law is an Australian law firm specialising in technology. Our law firm is a mix of lawyers and engineers using the best software in the world to provide expert documents and advice.


Customisation by a lawyer in real time

Work with your lawyer in real time

Real Time Docs is when lawyer and client share a Treescribe template document and work through it together online. This allows you to create a highly customised document, which is signed off by a lawyer quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

client view

No installation, just a web browser

The work is usually complete within 45 minutes at 10% of the usual cost. All you need to take this up is a web browser and a telephone. You don't need to install anything. Query Law will provide you with a complete, lawyer signed off document.

lawyer view

tree iamge

Click below to see the ever-expanding-list of documents that we can provide.

Steps to the fastest lawyer sign-off ever


Click here to see our customisable templates. You can also use our templates for free with no obligation.


Select your template and sign up. Click on the Lawyer Help button and a lawyer will contact you within 3 business hours.


After payment is accepted, our lawyer will work with you on the document in real time. A complete document usually takes about half an hour.


You will be able to see the changes your lawyer makes on the screen in front of you. No mystery, just total transparency.


Export your document in Word format and you’re done.

Click below to see the ever-expanding-list of documents that we can provide.

Why it works

You might ask why it’s taken so long for Real Time Docs to exist.

The difference is Treescribe.

Normally, it’s not possible for a lawyer to draft secure contracts “on the fly”. Using Treescribe, the lawyer is able to draft at superhuman speeds by clicking the nested option tree, which generates the correct legal text.

Not only is it much faster to draft the contract, when the lawyer can do it during a meeting with a client, they can also check and change contract text with their client in real time.

This process cuts out days of back-and-forth with emails and teleconferences and gives Query Law the unique ability to offer bespoke legal drafting by highly qualified lawyers at a fraction of both cost and time.

how it works