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Cookie Policy

As at 30 November 2022


Capitalised words and phrases are defined in the section of this document entitled "Definitions".

Query Law means Query Law of New South Wales, Australia, contactable on

User means an individual using the Site at

Why Query Law Uses Cookies

Query Law uses cookies to:

  • Store User preferences; and
  • Record the typical use of the Site in order to improve the Site.

The Cookies Query Law Uses

Cookie Preferences Cookie

Query Law uses a Cookie to store User acceptance or rejection of this Cookie Policy.

This Cookie is strictly necessary, and rejecting the Cookie Policy does not disable it.

If User wants to change User's response to our Cookie Policy, User can click here to accept it, or click here to reject it.

Location Preference Cookie

Query Law uses a Cookie that stores User location preferences, in order to show User different information based on User's stated location.

If User rejects the Cookie Policy, Query Law does not store User location preference, and shows the default Australian version of the Site.


Query Law use a service called Inspectlet to gather information on the typical use of the Site, in order to improve the Site. For a more complete overview of the type of information Inspectlet can collect, please consult their website.

If User rejects the Cookie Policy, Inspectlet is disabled, and does not gather information about use of the Site.

Related Documents

For more information on your rights, and our policies, you may wish to consult Query Law's:

Contact Us

If User has any questions about this document, or wants Query Law to destroy any information Query Law may have gathered about User, User may contact Query Law on


Site means the website at

Cookie means any technology that:

  • the Site uses to collect or store information on Users; and
  • that is not immediately obvious to non-technical Users.

The word 'cookie' is based on an early implementation of this type of technology.

Cookie Policy means this document, as updated from time to time.