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Key People

People with vim, nous and moxie.


Practice Principal

“Captain conscientious”

As a lawyer and a software developer, Pat spends all his time turning complex messy things into simple, ordered things. Described by a former supervising partner as "a dog with a bone", Pat works creatively and relentlessly to help his clients get wealthy. Pat taught himself to code after leaving a top tier law firm in Sydney and then started Query Law as a software driven law firm. When he’s not lawyering, Pat is the lead software developer of the computational contract creation tool, Treescribe.



“Litigation Specialist”

Tom is a consultant at Query Law and the go to for all things litigious and contentious. Tom qualified in Queensland in 2008 and has since worked as a litigation lawyer in various top tier Australian, UK and US firms throughout the world. Tom is also qualified as a lawyer in England and Wales. In what little free time Tom has, you can find him at a gym practicing a technical, sneaky Jiu-Jitsu leg-lock game, or by a body of water fishing.




As a consultant at Query Law, Henry is the thinking person's thinking person. With a PHD from Oxford University in intellectual property law, no one breaks down and fixes legal problems with the kind of thoroughness that Henry does. Henry co-authored (and continues to update) the 100 page section on Australian copyright law in Copyright Throughout the World, which is an authoritative textbook used by legal practitioners globally. When he’s not doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing music or parenting his infant daughter, Henry is turning his mind to big policy questions, wondering about how best to untangle legal policy knots.


Law Engineer

“Brain Box”

Working with Andrew is like working with future Artificial Intelligence. Provide a problem with clear parameters and you will get back a perfectly reasoned answer that is always correct. Occasionally, you'll find out that the parameters you provided are inconsistent in some way, but you'll still get the right answer with an explanation of why your parameters should have been different. With an engineering background, Andrew works at Query because he deeply enjoys solving data problems (which is most of what legal practice really is) that don’t require getting micromanaged in an office cubicle.



“Man of Letters”

Rod holds a Law Degree and worked as a journalist in Australian newspapers for five years before working as a paralegal. Journalism was great preparation for his work in the legal field. As well as ably handling multiple work streams with strict deadlines, Rod's experience digging through local, state and federal government documents to identify pertinent issues honed his skills in due diligence. Since he believes firmly that life is supposed to be interesting, Rod has written four books, worked as the head chef in an East Timorese restaurant, managed a pub in Singapore and worked as a jackaroo and copper miner in Outback Australia.

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