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Work Specification

A work specification is a document that describes the work that will be performed under a contract. It is sometimes called a Work Scope or Statement of Work.

In a Software Development Agreement, the work specification might describe the functionality of the application that the developer will deliver to the customer.

How it works

A work specification becomes part of an agreement when the agreement refers to it for information.

Often, the "separation of concerns" between an agreement and work specification is:

  • the work specification deals with commercial detail (payment amounts, technical specifications of services etc); and
  • the agreement deals with legal concepts like claim limits and indemnities that form part of the deal.

Work specification example

Here's an example of how an agreement and work specification would work together on the topic of payment.

The agreement would have a 'Payment Calculation' clause which refers to the work specification:

The fees payable to Provider in exchange for the Services will be calculated at the rate or rates set out in the Work Specification.

The work specification document would then set out payment rates, for example in a table like this:

Work typeRate (per day)
UX Design\$400
Software design\$600
Web design\$300

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